life is like a box of chocolates

i don’t have a box of chocolates 

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And here we can see the Blogger in her natural habitat.

The blogger is a shy, docile creature…

… that prefers the darkness…

… and tends to be wary of the outside world.

The Blogger rarely sleeps, and when it does, it does so in seemingly random places.

We have attempted to understand the dietary habits of the Blogger…

… but to no avail.

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i don’t know how to not curse

i’ll mean to say, “ooh, this is pretty” and it will come out as THIS IS THE NICEST FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY WHOLE GODDAMN LIFE

it’s a problem

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in italian everything sounds like you can eat it when you say cassonetto stupro u might think its a special pasta but in fact it means dumpster rape 

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